HOW TO: Build a Thoughtful Gift Box

Creating a meaningful gift for someone special can sometimes be challenging, but ends up being so rewarding. Making people feel loved and cared for is one of the best parts of gift giving, and we’re here to help you! Follow our simple guide to curating a thoughtful gift box for any special person and for any occasion.

HOW TO: Build a Thoughtful Gift Box

Step 1: Who’s the Gift for and What’s the Occasion?

The first step, and most important one of course, is to establish who the gift is for and what’s the occasion. How well do you know this person? Is this a friend, family member, romantic partner, work colleague? Is it a gift for a special occasion or a “just because” type of gift? Is it maybe a birthday, housewarming, bridal shower, baby shower, engagement party, religious holiday?

These are all important things to ask yourself before curating your box.

Special occasion

Step 2: Pick a Theme

Depending on the person and the occasion, you’ll have a better idea on how to choose your theme. Choosing a theme makes it really simple to start creating your gift box. It will give you somewhat of a guide to help you decide on the type of products you want to include, anywhere from scents to colours. Having a colour palette with a few colours that complement each other, or different shades of one main colour will make the gift appear professional and well put together.
For instance, if it’s your sister’s birthday and you two are super close, you’ll know her favourite colour, scents, products, and other things she might enjoy. This will make it easier for you to craft the box and make it really personal to her.

On the other hand, if it’s a co-worker’s birthday and you don’t know them that well, you might want to opt for something that’s birthday themed, like confetti, birthday cake scents or flavours, or anything that’s more generic in terms of colours, scents, and flavours. If they’re into astrology, you can always choose something according to their zodiac sign (check out our Zodiac Collection for some products or gifting inspo!)

Virgo Gift Box

If it’s a housewarming gift for friends, family, or even a client, it would be a good idea to stick to a home-like theme and maybe more neutral colours if you don’t know what their new space looks like.

Overall, picking a theme heavily depends on the recipient and occasion, but makes the process of curating the perfect gift a much easier process.

Step 3: Pick a Box Size and a Filler Type

Depending on your budget and how many items you would like to include in the box, that will help you decide what box size you need. Here is a guide that we use to help us decide which of our box sizes would be the most appropriate:

  • A small box: 7”W x 7”L x 4”H – fits approximately 3 to 4 items.
  • A medium box: 9”W x 9”L x 4”H – fits approximately 5 to 8 items
  • A large box: 11”W x 11”L x 4”H – fits approximately 9 to 12 items (or more)

If you like the look of an open concept box, you can always go with a smaller box option and arrange the items upright that way you can fit more in the box.

Open Concept Gift Box

If you want to go that extra mile, you can also have some tissue paper around the filler and items so it adds another layer to the unboxing experience. This is definitely a small step that makes a big difference.

Black tissue paper in box.

When picking a filler type, the 2 most common ones are excelsior (shaved hardwood strands) or thick shredded paper. This is totally a matter of preference. Sometimes, referring back to your theme can help. If you want a natural or luxurious look, excelsior may be the better option. It also holds its shape better than shredded paper if you were thinking of including heavier items such as a wine bottle or a candle. Shredded paper is also a great option for a more modern and simpler looking box. It comes in so many different colours, really allowing you to customize your box.

Step 4: Chose the Items for the Box

So, we’ve established who the box is for, the occasion, and the theme. Now on to the fun stuff – choosing items to fill the gift box! It’s important to take all of these aspects into consideration when carefully selecting the items for your gift box.

Think of the recipient or recipients, what are some of their favourite products? Are they into natural skincare? Do they like candy? Are they more of a sweet or salty kind of person? Do they enjoy tea or coffee? Really take time to think and reflect on what little gifts they will appreciate and get some good use out of. Also, try to pick items within the chosen theme, so if you’re going for a self-care gift box, try to pick items that have to do with self-care, like soaps, scrubs, nail polish, face masks, a candle, a mug, tea or coffee, and most importantly, snacks- like macaroons or chocolates.

Self-care gift box

If it’s a housewarming gift, it would be a good idea to get things that can be used in the home. Some good options include hand soap and lotion, a cookbook, an apron, kitchen towels, baking utensils, a candle, some matches, and obviously some snacks, because who doesn’t love snacks?!

When selecting all these items, make sure to have a variety of textures, sizes, shapes, materials, and colour shades – if you choose a colour theme – to add some character and dimension to the box. It will look much more professional and well-made rather than having everything the same exact size or shape.

Step 5: Decorate the Outside

Now that you’ve perfected the inside of your gift box, it’s time to work on the outside. Decorating the outside sets the tone for the rest of gift and allows you to show a preview of the theme and colours of the gift. Our favourite decoration is satin ribbon as it gives some elegance and class to the gift box. There are hundreds of colours to pick from that will match the theme.

Customized gift box

Another great way to decorate the outside is by customizing the outside of the box with the recipient’s name, whether first name like “Blair” or family name like “The Smiths”. If it’s a baby shower gift and the baby’s name is still unknown, “Baby Girl” or “Baby Boy” is also a great option. The possibilities are infinite. It’s a great way to make the gift box really personal, and this way, it can be used in the future as a memory box.

Dried florals and greenery are also another way to add a little touch of nature to any gift box. The pop of colour also adds some great texture to the outside of the box.

Step 6 (optional): Include a Note Card or Letter

A letter or note card adds a really nice personal touch to your gift. It shows how much thought and effort you’ve really put it and makes it even more memorable. We love writing our little messages on small note cards and sealing the envelopes with a wax seal. It’s all about the details!

Key Takeaway

At the end of the day, the main goal is to create a thoughtful gift box for an important person in your life. The thought, time, and effort put into it will make anyone so happy and forever grateful. Don’t forget to think outside the box and really get creative! It will be a gift they’ll never forget.


Custom gift box

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