The Moon Gifts & Co. Holiday Gift Guide 2021

We have something for everyone on your list! Discover our wide selection of thoughtfully curated, Canadian small business sourced, eco‚ÄĎfriendly gift boxesūüéĀ

For the Tea Lover

The perfect combination of warm, sweet, and nourishing, any tea-lover's dream. Who says the Holidays is only for hot chocolate?!


For the Christmas-Loving Neighbour

A festive gift box perfect for someone you might not know too well, or would simply want to thank for being a good neighbour.


For the Busy, Always Working, Definitely Needs a Break, Elf

We all know that one selfless person that works so hard to make life easy for those around her. She deserves a lil self-care too!


For the Friend with a Sweet Tooth

Everyone craves a little something sweet over the Holiday season. This gift box is filled with goodies for any time of day, jam for breakfast, honey for afternoon tea, and brittle for a midnight snack!


For the Friendly Co-Worker

Just a little something to show your work-bestie you appreciate them!


For the One That Loves to Get Cozy

The best way to cuddle up on a snowy winter night.. because nothing screams cozy more than a candle, flannel, and cookies. 


For the Bearded Man

Who says self-care is only for women? Because they're wrong. Whether they're a grooming God or a self-care newbie, this gift set is sure to please any bearded man.


For the *Heavily Bearded Man

If he loves grooming products and sweets, look no further because you found the perfect box for him. 


For the Emotionally Supportive Bestie

Sometimes your go-to babe needs some TLC of her own. Some yummy goodies and self-care essentials from one bestie to the other.


For the Hallmark Holiday Movie Fan

We all have a love-hate relationship with Hallmark Holiday Movies... Why don't we just embrace it and indulge in them, with no guilt or judgment. 

Oh.. and don't forget the snacks.


For the One That Needs a Fresh Start

Holidays are hectic and often end with the start of a New Year. What better way to kick start the New Year with a entire set curated especially for a fresh start?


For the Christmas Party Host

The best gift you can show up with to someone's house over the Holidays! Since we can finally get together again, you want them to know how thankful you are for their warm hospitality.


For the Friend That Needs Some Self Care

A little sweet and warm, the timeless, self-care essentials you can't go wrong with.


For the Loving Couple

For the couple that's always loving, caring, and welcoming. New parents, grandparents, newly weds, or simply a couple that need a little date night in!


For the Boss Babe

The independent boss lady that gets things done, staying up until midnight, and takes care of business - you can't find a more useful gift.


For the Best TEAcher Ever

A small but thoughtful way to tell your teacher you appreciate them. 

Best TEAcher Ever